Monday, January 21, 2008

Lazy Man's Mixed Martial Arts Workout

Many of you come home from an exhausting day at work only to find that you still need to train. Your motivation is low and your tired, you decide tomorrow will be a better day to train and take the night off. Tomorrow comes and the same thing happens you miss your workout. Here are some tips to help you survive those days so they don't become a habit and your overall downfall.

Train while watching TV an example of this would be during each commercial break do an ab routine or duck walk around the house as the commercials are on. While watching your shows lean up against a wall and go into a seated squat position and hold it for 2 minutes for starters performing 6 sets then increase your time by 30 seconds for future workouts. Training while zooming out on the TV is a great way to "temporary fix" low motivation episodes.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Changing Your Mixed Martial Arts Cardio Routines

To get the most effective cardio workout results change your routine up on a regular basis. On day 1 jog as you would normally do. On day 2 jog while wearing a weighted pack back on. You can stuff your backpack with anything such as weight plates, rocks etc just make sure the back pack is strong enough to hold all that weight. Day 3 run on an incline backwards this can be done on a treadmill or up a slope/hill.

On day 4 hit the track jog 1/4 of the way then sprint full speed another 1/4 then drop squat and duck another 1/4 then run backwards for the 1/4 and do it again. Day 5 you can swim and run in the pool. Day 6 skip rope changing variations of the timing for 3 minutes immediately after that start shadow boxing for another 3 minutes then hit the mat with a partner for another 3 minutes for a sparring match. This type of training will give you well rounded cardio endurance for your next mixed martial arts match.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Hitting Two Birds With One Stone Mixed Martial Arts Exercises

I believe that training doesn't have to always be time consuming, that if you can kill two birds with one stone than why night. I put this principle into practice in whatever I do such as jogging and listening to audio to help improve my confidence levels in my MMA game at the same time. I am training in cardio and in my fight mindset all at the same time.

I also can do this in the gym where instead of doing one exercise of a certain body part one at the time I work two or even three body parts while doing one exercise. Here is an example when doing jack knife sit ups I place a weighted duffle/sand bag on my forehead and another at my feet as I bring my feet and head up I am not only working my abs but on strengthening my neck as well. By exercising in this manner time doesn't have to be an issue. You cut down time at the gym, leaving you more time in your day to do other things.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Mixed Martial Arts Is About Commitment

Commitment a word many people do not like to use but is vital to your success in your mixed martial arts game and in life in general. By having commitment in your training and mixed martial arts fight plan you give yourself more momentum and opportunity to win. By being committed in your attack your energy and momentum moves forward, and your opponent in the ring will feel it making him less likely to able to counter and deflect your attack.

By having commitment in your MMA fight plan you don't give yourself subconscious excuses to lose because you are always moving forward, are in control of the situation and are setting the pace of the fight. By having a mindset like this you will find that your mixed martial arts game will will improve and so will your success in life.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Traits For Becoming A Successful Mixed Martial Artists

The first thing I notice about successful mixed martial arts athletes is that they have a sense of humor. They simply do not beat themselves up over there mistakes in the ring. They were able to laugh at circumstances, and they were able to laugh at themselves. Making it easier for themselves to learn from these mistakes.

The second thing I found out about this group of successful MMA athletes is that they did not achieve their success through pedigree, but through hard work. That's right, another example that if you put your mind to it, work hard and get in the right situation, you can achieve great things! They train long hours and are disciplined in there training.

The third thing I noticed is that they are learners. They were always engaged in the learning process. They remain teachable even after achieving success, ask questions and apple the material to their art. They want to improve in any way that they can and are not afraid to ask for help because there ego are in check. None of them was above learning from a peers.

The same things that can make you a success as you apply the principles to your own life: A sense of humor, hard work, and a desire to learn from your mistakes.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mixed Martial Arts Quote Of The Day

"To win without risk is to triumph without glory." -- Pierre Corneille

Monday, August 6, 2007

Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning

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